Best Freezing Ambulance Service in Bangladesh

Best Freezing Ambulance Service in Bangladesh. We provide the latest Model dead body carrier freezer ambulance to carry the dead body.  24/7 Ambulance is available in all of Dhaka city at low cost.

Freezing Ambulance Service in Bangladesh

What is Freezing Ambulance Service?

Freezing Ambulance Service is a specialized emergency medical transportation service designed to operate effectively in freezing temperatures. Equipped with insulated interiors, heating systems, and cold-weather tires, these ambulances ensure the rapid and safe transport of patients in cold-weather conditions.

The Importance of Freezing Ambulance Service

Freezing Ambulance Service plays a crucial role in providing timely medical assistance to individuals experiencing health emergencies during winter months. Without this specialized service, patients may face delays in receiving critical care, leading to potentially dire consequences.

Freezing Ambulance Service
লাশবাহী ফ্রিজিং এ্যাম্বুলেন্স সার্ভিস

Features of Freezing Ambulance Services

Insulated Interiors

The ambulances used in Freezing Ambulance Service are equipped with insulated interiors to maintain a comfortable temperature for patients, even in freezing conditions. This feature helps prevent hypothermia and ensures the well-being of patients during transport.

Heating Systems

Advanced heating systems are installed in Freezing Ambulance Service vehicles to provide warmth to patients and medical personnel. These systems help maintain a stable and comfortable environment inside the ambulance, facilitating the delivery of quality medical care.

Cold-Weather Tires

Specialized cold-weather tires are fitted on Freezing Ambulance Service vehicles to ensure optimal traction and control on icy roads. These tires are designed to withstand low temperatures and provide enhanced grip, reducing the risk of accidents during transport.

Benefits of Freezing Ambulance

Rapid Response

Freezing Ambulance Service offers prompt response times, ensuring that patients receive timely medical assistance during emergencies. This rapid response can make a significant difference in the outcome of medical emergencies, potentially saving lives.

Specialized Care

The medical personnel operating Freezing Ambulance Service vehicles are trained to handle medical emergencies in cold weather conditions. They are equipped to provide specialized care to patients, including treatment for cold-related injuries and conditions.

Enhanced Safety

With features such as insulated interiors and cold-weather tires, Freezing Ambulance Service prioritizes the safety and well-being of patients and medical personnel. These safety measures reduce the risk of accidents and ensure a smooth and secure transport experience.

Facilitices of Freezing Ambulance

Overview of Shikder Ambulance

  • 24/7 Customer Support/Service
  • Expert Driver provider
  • comfortable Price/Charge
  • Perfect temperature providing to keep well the dead body.
  • General Temperature -05, If you need more then will be provided to (-22) temperature.
  • Quality Ambulance service
  • Fast and comfortable service anywhere, anytime.
  • Rapid response in emergencies.
  • Specialized care in cold weather conditions.
  • Enhanced safety features for patients and staff.
  • Comfortable transport with insulated interiors.
  • Accessibility to medical care in freezing temperatures.
  • Contribution to community health and well-being.
  • Availability of specialized equipment for cold-related injuries.
  • Professional and skilled medical staff.
  • Peace of mind for patients and families.
  • Potential for life-saving interventions


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