Freezing Ambulance Service Benapole, Bangladesh

Freezing Ambulance Service Benapole to All Districts of Bangladesh. We provide dead body carrier frozen Ambulances. Contact Now

Freezer Ambulance service Benapole

Freezing Ambulance Service Benapole

Freezing ambulance Service in Benapole. It’s used to move a dead body from one place to another place and to keep a well-dead body. It is used as the best way of other ways to keep well a dead body. If used freezing ambulance so that there is no smell from the dead body easily and the body is free from virus.

A Lifeline Freezing Ambulance Service in Benapole

In the bustling town of Benapole, Bangladesh, where every second counts, an often overlooked yet critical service plays a vital role in saving lives – the Freezing Ambulance Service. Amidst the chaos and challenges of emergency response, this service stands as a beacon of hope, providing swift medical assistance to those in need, even amidst the harsh conditions of extreme cold.

Freezing Ambulance Service in Benapole

Freezer Ambulance service Benapole

Freezer Ambulance service Bangladesh

freezing Ambulance used to carry and save the dead body. A freezing Ambulance is a Vehicals for transportation of the dead body or Lash. Freezing Ambulance service is the best to carry the dead body. Freezing Ambulance Service Benapole of Bangladesh.

The freezing Ambulance is the best than others Ambulance. A freezer ambulance is specially designed to go longer hours. The ambulance is designed with an inbuilt freezer, which keeps the body utterly cooled and frozen. A freezer ambulance is a dead body carrier ambulance so people call it’s dead body carrier ambulance (Lash bahi Ambulance).

It has frozen box in it. The freezer ambulance can intact the dead body several hours and days. People who wants to keep their relatives dead body intact or save then should be used the freezing ambulance service. The dead body is kept all time temperature of -7 to -20 degree.

In freezer ambulance, the dead body is normally kept at a certain temperature (-07). It ensures that no bad smell from the body comes out. Also you can customize the ambulance temperature as your need. This company provide different types of Ambulance service at cheap rent so If you need freezing ambulance  service then contact us.

Details of freezing ambulance

1. Freezer ambulance is used to transfer the dead body from one place to another.

2. Freezer ambulance’s temperature is (-7) degree so there is no bad odor from the body, and the body is free from the virus.

3. This freezing ambulance rent is something more than a normal ambulance, it’s will be charge Dhaka city aria = (2500-3000) Tk. Another rent of freezer ambulance according to destination and Waiting for a charge per hours= 600/= Six hundred Taka only any place of Bangladesh.

4. High quality steel stretchers keeping the dead body.

5. There are lighting facilities inside to see the body.

6. There is a good side glass to see the dead body from outside.

7. We clean the car by date or seven after completed the duty.

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