Emergency ICU Ambulance Service in Dhaka

Emergency ICU Ambulance Service in Dhaka. We provide basic life support ICU Ambulance with Doctors, or Brothers in Bangladesh. 24/7 Emergency Ambulance with Ventilators is Available.

Basic ICU Ambulance Service in Bangladesh

ICU Ambulance Service

An ICU ambulance (Intensive Care Unit) Ambulance, is a specialized emergency vehicle equipped with advanced medical equipment and staffed with trained professionals. It provides critical care and transportation for patients in severe conditions, offering interventions such as ventilator support, cardiac monitoring, and medication administration during transit to medical facilities.

ICU Ambulance Service in Dhaka

Types of Life Support Ambulances

1. Basic Life Support (BLS) Ambulance

2. Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ambulance

3. Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) Ambulance

4. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Ambulance

5. Critical Care Transport (CCT) Ambulance

Features of Emergency ICU Ambulance Service

Advanced Life Support Equipment

ICU ambulances are equipped with advanced medical equipment such as cardiac monitors, ventilators, defibrillators, and infusion pumps. These tools enable paramedics and medical staff to provide immediate interventions and stabilize patients en route to the hospital. If you need an emergency Ambulance then contact Us.

Trained Medical Professionals Onboard

In addition to sophisticated equipment, ICU ambulances are staffed with highly trained medical professionals, including paramedics, nurses, and sometimes even doctors. Their expertise allows for prompt assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of patients, ensuring optimal care throughout the journey.

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Benefits of Using ICU Ambulance Services

Critical Care During Transportation

ICU ambulances offer a level of care comparable to that of a hospital intensive care unit (ICU). Patients receive continuous monitoring and interventions, including medication administration, oxygen therapy, and advanced airway management, ensuring their stability during transit.

Increased Chances of Survival

Studies have shown that patients transported via ICU Ambulances have higher survival rates compared to those transported via conventional ambulances. The availability of specialized equipment and trained personnel allows for timely interventions and reduces the risk of complications. When you need the best Ambulance service then contact Us.

Reduced Risks During Transit

Transporting critically ill patients can pose various risks, including deterioration of their condition en route. ICU ambulances are designed to mitigate these risks by providing a controlled environment conducive to patient care. From temperature regulation to shock absorption, every aspect is optimized for patient safety and comfort.

Benefits of Using ICU Ambulance Services

Benefits of ICU Ambulances

  • Specialized emergency vehicles
  • Equipped with advanced medical equipment
  • Staffed with trained medical professionals
  • Provide critical care during transit.
  • Offer interventions like ventilator support and cardiac monitoring.
  • Ensure prompt transportation to medical facilities for critically ill patients
  • Advanced life support equipment
  • Quick response time.


Understanding the different types of life support ambulances is crucial for ensuring that patients receive the appropriate level of care during medical transport. Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulances are suitable for stable patients requiring basic medical supervision, while Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances cater to those with more critical needs. Specialized ambulances, such as PICU, NICU, and Critical Care Transport (CCT) units, provide tailored care for specific patient groups, ensuring that individuals receive the highest standard of care regardless of their condition. Providers like Shikder Ambulance in Mohammadpur are dedicated to offering these varied and essential services, ensuring comprehensive medical support for the community.

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